Shulhan Ivrit ● 780 Van Vleet Oval, Kaufman Hall 209, Norman, OK 73019 ● Phone: (405) 325-1542 ● Fax: (405) 325 0103 ●
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Shulhan Ivrit literally means Hebrew Table, and it is the official name of the Hebrew Club. We welcome all OU students who are interested in the Hebrew language and the cultures of people who speak Hebrew as a native language. Many of our members take Hebrew courses at OU, and some minor in Hebrew. However, all students at OU are welcome to join Shulhan Ivrit. Our meetings are normally held at «Hillel» on the northwest corner of W Boyd St and Elm Ave. At our meetings, we speak Hebrew, watch films in Hebrew, dance to Israeli music, cook (and eat!) Israeli dishes, and engage in many other exciting activities. We do not meet on the occasions of religious holidays (e.g., Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur) out of respect for those observing the holidays.

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